Audio Developer Chats

Audio Developer Chats is an occasional series of audio (and possibly video) chats between Paul Davis of the Ardour DAW project and other audio software developers.

The conversations can be wide-ranging and are not filtered for technical content. We will range from talking about life in general down to the tiniest details of audio software development.

ADC 1 : Paul Davis & Justin Frankel

In early January 2022, Paul Davis of the Ardour DAW project and Justin Frankel of the Reaper DAW project sat down to talk about their years working on audio software, and many related topics. The conversation was recorded in Reaper (using Ninjam Voice Chat mode) and edited in Ardour. This is an abridged version of the conversation.

(Paul notes: this is the first time I’ve tried this, and I hope to get better as an interviewer as we go along. Thanks to Justin for putting up with my somewhat clunky style on this initial attempt.)

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