Author: Paul Davis

  • ADC3 – Paul Davis & Tero Parviainen

    In the fall of 2022, a post on Hacker News led me to discover the Music Mouse, a web implementation of Laurie Spiegel’s original idea. I was deeply impressed, not only by Spiegel’s original concepts but the quality of this implementation. Tracking down its developer Tero Parviainen was easy, but that led me to a […]

  • ADC2 – Paul Davis & Ryan Challinor (Bespoke)

    I never planned to wait this long to do the second episode of “Audio Developer Chats”, but busy-ness in my own life and that of my wished for next guest conspired to make it almost a year since episode one. Hopefully things will speed up a little now … we’ll see. Back in the fall […]

  • ADC 1: Paul Davis & Justin Frankel

    I (Paul) recently did an interview for a DAWbench podcast episode and in preparation for that, listened to Justin Frankel (lead developer of Reaper) appearing on the same series. I was struck by the many similarities in the story and experiences Justin spoke about, and thought it might be interesting to reach out to him […]